This year I was invited to Jessicas family reunion. Unfortunately we had to sleep in a tent. It wasn’t as bad as I though it would be.

Her family is very nice but some of them do need some help, just like myn. 😛 We left on Friday and came back Sunday. It was a very good learning experinse. THe one thing I found od was Jessica, Her Mom, Her uncle and me were the only ones sleeping in a tent. The rest of them had trailers and Moterhomes. The RV had beter stuff in it then my house!

It rained Saturday night all night. It was realy anoying just because the drops on the trees would fall on our tent. It was very loud to say the least. The hole weekand I barly slept so one Sunday I slep very well to say the least. Later on I hope to have pictures to show so please come and check back.