I guess it’s time…

I know it has been a while since I communicated with some of you and I bet your wondering where I have been. I guess it’s time to fill you in. Just after Christmas I lost the love of my life to someone else. (Nice way of saying merry Christmas and Happy 3 year anniversary) Same night I had a nice chat with every ones most loved MyBB developer, Tiki.

I guess he didn’t like my comment about how MyBB Games new about the security vulnerability before MyBB made us aware. So after the security vulnerability was fixed we had a nice little chat on IRC. I’ll sum it up for you. Basically he wanted someone to feel sorry for him for the fact that he stayed up until 2:00AM fixing the problem and trying to get a hold of Chris? And then he had to deal with me? Well… He tolled me he expected more from me as a MyBB user and a long time member of the forums.

The next day (still a little pissed) I have PM waiting for me from DennisTT. He was politely telling me that my comment was out of line (which I think it was). I had no problem with this but it’s the fact that Tiki tolled me the same fucking thing just the night before. Great communications guys!!!!

Well guess what…. I expected more from MyBB. I have been there since 2003 (I think) I was part of the MyBB 1.2 Beta (witch was fun) but the 1.4 beta me and a few other locals were “for gotten” in the whole selection process. No biggy we still got it but that beta round was over.

I find MyBB’s team is kinda of a two man show now. It seems like allot of the developers and mod’s are leaving because of “other things in there lives” but thats not the case. In most cases it seems to be one person causing most of the issue between staff. (I will not mention any names) I think cretin individuals think they might almost own the place. Kind of like a “teachers pet” that won’t flake off.

So what happen to MyBB Games you ask? Well after a great post made about this whole thing, the whole domain is now for sale. Click here for more details.

A while ago I was in communication with Mike (Complicated) and I am now helping the Imperial BB project. Currently Version 1 is being worked on and is in private beta. The next version is looking good. You can check out screen shots here. If you are interested in the project please register on our forums and leave your suggestions. New members are always welcome! We won’t tell you to “use search before posting”. 😛

Anyways thats whats going on right now. When the next version of Imperial BB is released I will be changing the board here over to it, then I will be creating some video tutorials on different parts of the software and operating it etc.

So thats whats new with me. I will post more now I do have allot more time on my hands so expect more soon.

Have a good one!