I died… Okay maybe not.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I’m sure a lot of you have wondered what happened to me. Well there is one simple answer, school. Unfortunately any spare time I have is spent doing projects and working on homework. If you want to keep track of my doings, I am on Twitter which is on the left side of my blog or you can hit follow on my profile.

Christmas this year was fantastic. You can see all of the pictures that were taken from my family get together on Facebook. After all the probelm with my desktop computer I have finaly figured out how to get it running stable. Turns out all along it was a issue with the OCZ ram. New ram for Christmas and BAM, away she goes. Second gift I recived was a new monitor. It’s nothing fancy, Samsung 21′ widescreen display to replace my 21″ CRT monitor that has seen better days.

Other then that, that was my Christmas. Like I said, the best way to keep track of me is through Twitter and if you need to contact me best way would be by e-mail here. I will be posting another tutorial soon using the old PS2 Head set into a Guitar Pre-Amp and the mic input on World of Warcraft.