King of the Hill Dragway!

This weekand was the annual King of the Hill drag races here at North Bay’s Air Port. Of cores I went on Saturday just because I only like the elimination rounds. Friday night they have time trills where people racing, get to get the cars up to snuff for the 1/8Th of a mile drag track. One of the biggest races were the jet cars. See the post below for the first car “Beast from the East”.

Beast from The East

Unfortunately I never got to see the second car because when the first one went for it’s run he had problems and the car rolled over at the end of the track. The guy was fine except for the fact that he had a broken arm.

My Nabour Rob was racing his 2004 Mustang V8. Unfortunately in his first round of eliminations, he beet his own time and he was out. Although he did do a kick ass burn out before his run.


All in all it was a great weekand and I leave you with some of the street class and Semi-pro cars

2006 Dodge ViperCobra



Just to let people know about the trucks. The was a few mostly from local construction company’s. The next picture is a quad axle setup (4 tires in the back). He also had a upgraded Turbo charger and a mod chip on board. It takes alot of power to spin a 1 tone pickup. O yeah and he beat the littel Honda by a mile 😀