Regular Life

Well I havn’t posted in a while. I havn’t been busy just enjoying the nice weather and lots of school work.

Our History class does a tutorial type of setup. Every one is in a group with a max number of people of 4. I have presented once already and got a 80% on the overall presentation but I’m doing a second on with 4 people for bonus marks. We are doing the topic of, The History of North Bay. We have three day to teach the topic and mark all the work that students do. We are planing a field trip, for about 100 students, down to the Water Front. We are doing a scavenger hunt from the Chief Commanda 2 to Le Park. We are going to have 20 stations for 20 groups. Each group will start of at a diffrent station. Each station will have a question about North Bay’s History and a corisponding letter. People will then write down there answers on a peice of paper and write down the corrisponding letter. At the end, students will have 20 letters to figure out what the letters spell. Then at lunch they will all hand in there sheets with the answer, then we will mark them while students are having lunch. After that we will then head back to school for period five.

So there is our plan. The teacher and principal have already aproved of it, now we just have to get it all ready.