Wow. It has been a long time. Well I have been busy the last wile with School and my Coop placement. I have also been renovating my family’s basement. That has eaten up most of my weekends for the last two months.

I have had lots of plans for this blog but I haven’t gotten any of them in motion. First on was starting a podcast. I was going to base it around internet technology such as Blogging software, Message board software and other reviews. I also said in my previous post that I would get more tutorials up. I have ideas for the PS2 head set to Guitar pre-amp. My 1/4 inch plug wire broke the other day so I was thinking, why not take the contents of the box and put it into a bigger box. Then on the bigger box I could have my head phones and input plug. That way I could use my good patch cord.

I guess the next thing I will be posting is my Halloween house setup. Should be fun. I’ll take lots of pictures!

Anyways thats all I have for now. Till next time…