Over the last few days I have fascinated my ears with the listening pleasure of the vinyl records. 33RPMs that my parents have had in out crawl space for as long as I can remember. I’m not saying like one box full, but 6 large containers full of great music all on a 12 inch disks read with a diamond needle pumped through a amp and into my ears.

Most people would describe the audio quality is less then perfect to my generation. Even my parents are looking at my funny, but it just can’t beat the character of these old records. The sound of the vinyl, clicks, pops, hiss and the small short I have in the turntable, adds to the greatness of this forgotten technology.

Currently I’m listening to Boston – Don’t Look Back. I have gone through only about a dozen of these and I unfortunately keep finding ones I like, so progress is slow through the first container. 😛 I have included some pictures I have taken of the record and the stylus playing the record.

Click on the picture for the full size.

Needle Needle