Well Variety Night was a huge success! There were no explosions and the fire department didn’t have to put out any uncontrollable flames. But really, the whole show went very well with no major problems. Besides bad organization.

There was are comedian to fill in for the major setups between special acts like gymnastics, where we had to set up all matts. The only one that had problems was the rock band, which I have to say it was not very good at all. The bass player went through the whole song, knowing that his amp wasn’t working. When really, all he had to do was turn up the volume on his bass. For act 17 it was a guy that was about four foot nothing and played the bass. His bass solo was better than the whole rock band! The third last act was a class dance and was all done with blacklight. The whole gym was pitch black except for the white glow of the sewn on bones of the dancers. It was probably one of the most creative dances of the whole show. The last act was the teachers dance. It was the most funniest dance there was. It was based on the W.J. Fricker teachers at a retirement home. All the teachers on stage were dressed up as elderly people and it’s was a very good laugh for the audience and students. The show ended early this year, by 8:45 the show was over. Last year show lasted for 3 1/2 hours and the year before that¬† it was 4 hours. This year I got to bed before 11:30, unlike last year’s 1:00 am.

Of course I’ve been invited back next year to do all the equipment stuff for the annual W.J. Fricker, Variety Night. And I can’t wait!