Well my birthday was on July 23 and my parents decided to get me a new mixing board. Well it arrived today and boy is it neat! 😀 It’s the new Alesis MultiMix 12 FireWire. It is a small version of the bigger recording studio mixing board. It does have firewire witch is already built in so there is no $500 add-in card later on. For around $300 it is a very nice digital mixer.

The FireWire port is what made me really want this board. It connects to the PC or the Mac and sends all 12 tracks through the firewire into a multi track recorder. In my case I use Adobe Audition. It alows me to set the diffrent devises to diffrent tracks. This makes fixing sound problems very easy when editing.

Another cool feature is the Firewire allows sound not on to come in, but go out to. So it acts as a sound card as well as a recorder and a mixer.

Another thing that the MultiMix has is a Digital output (Yellow Plug on the top). This again, acts as another output from the main mix.

To sum up this board is very cool and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to get into small recordings and or Podcast which is the reason I got it.

P.S. I have a tutorial on how to convert you PS2 Head set into another sound card. I haven’t made it step by step yet but I will post it later on.