O How I missed my good friend Robert

A friend I met at a pervous forum software appeared on Imperial BB’s forums today. It seems like users are getting frustrated with the going’s on at the other software. So for some Saturday night fun me and Robert thought it would be a good laugh to stir up some shit. 😛 This was said in the channel of the other forum software.

MiNT: apparently theres been a new security release
MiNT: ive missed that one
Snake: been a few Toungue
MiNT: id apply it, but mybb doesnt have a feature which lets you do it automatically
MiNT: so i really cant be bothered
Snake: errrm yeah i think i’m still at 1.2.10
Snake: its to bad really
MiNT: hmm
Snake: o well
Complicated: Lets hack him
MiNT: maybe we should find a fourm software that does handle the update automatically
MiNT: do you know of such a software?
Snake: hmmmm…. yes but what other software does it?
Snake: vB?
MiNT: phpbb?
Complicated: SMF ?
MiNT: smf?
Complicated: LOL
Snake: phpBB…. eek never that agains usfull features
Snake: there*
Snake: against*
Snake: usefull*
Snake: lol god dam
MiNT: smf is too simple to have such a useful feature
Ryan> Still spelled useful wrong
Complicated> SMF is about the worst software I have EVER EVER EVER came across
Snake> phpBB is to stupid to have it
MiNT: vb is too expensive for me to even see if it has the feature
Snake: they kinda remined me of MyBB RC2
Snake: but i think RC2 was better
Ryan: It doesn’t, MiNT. Toungue
MiNT: fair enought
MiNT: *enough
Snake: lol
MiNT: thats £100 saved not finding out for myself
Snake: Imperial BB has it
MiNT: =o
Snake: i think i know some people over there to :S
MiNT: imperialbb you day?
MiNT: *say
Snake: i’ll ask them about it
Snake: yeah they have it
MiNT> =o
Snake: there mods were nice enough to send me a old version just so i can test it
MiNT: thats phenomenal!
MiNT: i think im going to switch all my sites right away!
* Snake consideres it to
MiNT: Imperial BB allows me and my clients to effectively communicate over the internet!
Snake: with easy of upgradeing Big Grin
MiNT: so whats that url again?
Snake: http://www.imperialbb.com thats right… thats http://www.imperialbb.com for you slow people… get your free copy today!
MiNT: right: http://www.imperialbb.com/
Snake: thats the URL http://www.imperialbb.com
Snake: again thats http://www.imperialbb.com
Snake: Toungue
MiNT: thats great, im going to http://imperialbb.com/ to download my copy of Imperial BB NOW!
MiNT: just look at that crisp clean interface: http://imperialbb.com/
MiNT: Imperial BB: supported by a MyBB Fan
Complicated: Oo