DJ Kellner… Is alive

Back in 2008, I had posted a tutorial on how to adjusting the crossfader works on the Behringer DX1000. I had messed with VirtualDJ with it but never really got into it. Last new years I was asked to DJ a house party a friend of mine was having. Figured this would be the perfect time to learn more about the DJing profession.

The party was a huge success! Few days following the party my friend and I were talking on MSN and he suggested the idea that I make a 20-30min mix of some dance songs. I said sure but I needed a name. 2 Years ago I got the nick name Bartender Blake because I was behind the bar serving the drinks. So with the help of Google Translator we took Bartender, and it came up with the Kellner is German. That was it, My name was DJ Kellner!

Over the last few weeks I have setup another Blog, Facebook page and Forum. Included in the blog is the podcast! This is where my creative side will be shown.

There you have it. The birth of DJ Kellner.

The Pirate Bay

The story behind the all famous, The Pirate Bay, has caused some interest lately. The Pirate Bay is a BitTorrent site that index’s many torrents all over the world. Everything thing from operating systems to games, they have it all. Currently, they are in court fighting for the freedom of indexing these torrents.

The site is frowned apon for hosting small files that allow users to connect to a tracking server. The tracking server holds records for all the users that are downloading (Leaching) and give out (Seeding) the file. The problem with this case is TPB cannot be pined for actually distribution files because there not. Other people on the internet are; average users like you. The chances of this case actually turning in favor of the Hollywood system is very slim. For the full articly please visit And for the behind the sences story please Click Here for the owners blog.

O How I missed my good friend Robert

A friend I met at a pervous forum software appeared on Imperial BB’s forums today. It seems like users are getting frustrated with the going’s on at the other software. So for some Saturday night fun me and Robert thought it would be a good laugh to stir up some shit. ๐Ÿ˜› This was said in the channel of the other forum software.

MiNT: apparently theres been a new security release
MiNT: ive missed that one
Snake: been a few Toungue
MiNT: id apply it, but mybb doesnt have a feature which lets you do it automatically
MiNT: so i really cant be bothered
Snake: errrm yeah i think i’m still at 1.2.10
Snake: its to bad really
MiNT: hmm
Snake: o well
Complicated: Lets hack him
MiNT: maybe we should find a fourm software that does handle the update automatically
MiNT: do you know of such a software?
Snake: hmmmm…. yes but what other software does it?
Snake: vB?
MiNT: phpbb?
Complicated: SMF ?
MiNT: smf?
Complicated: LOL
Snake: phpBB…. eek never that agains usfull features
Snake: there*
Snake: against*
Snake: usefull*
Snake: lol god dam
MiNT: smf is too simple to have such a useful feature
Ryan> Still spelled useful wrong
Complicated> SMF is about the worst software I have EVER EVER EVER came across
Snake> phpBB is to stupid to have it
MiNT: vb is too expensive for me to even see if it has the feature
Snake: they kinda remined me of MyBB RC2
Snake: but i think RC2 was better
Ryan: It doesn’t, MiNT. Toungue
MiNT: fair enought
MiNT: *enough
Snake: lol
MiNT: thats ยฃ100 saved not finding out for myself
Snake: Imperial BB has it
MiNT: =o
Snake: i think i know some people over there to :S
MiNT: imperialbb you day?
MiNT: *say
Snake: i’ll ask them about it
Snake: yeah they have it
MiNT> =o
Snake: there mods were nice enough to send me a old version just so i can test it
MiNT: thats phenomenal!
MiNT: i think im going to switch all my sites right away!
* Snake consideres it to
MiNT: Imperial BB allows me and my clients to effectively communicate over the internet!
Snake: with easy of upgradeing Big Grin
MiNT: so whats that url again?
Snake: thats right… thats for you slow people… get your free copy today!
MiNT: right:
Snake: thats the URL
Snake: again thats
Snake: Toungue
MiNT: thats great, im going to to download my copy of Imperial BB NOW!
MiNT: just look at that crisp clean interface:
MiNT: Imperial BB: supported by a MyBB Fan
Complicated: Oo

Linux vs Windows

As most of you know I am fluent in both Windows and Linux. Yesterday in the #mybb IRC channel, tension was tight between us Linux people and the Windows fan boy Matt (owner of msubuntu who will be sued when the site is launched) A good friend of myn, DrPoodle had had it with Matt. So with the help of MiNT we started to produce a list of all the reasons why Linux was better then windows. For any of you Windows fan boys… eat this…

1) Linux is free.
2) Linux is faster (another IRC user, tmhai, was astounded earlier today at how his laptop booted in under 30 seconds with Ubuntu, compared to the 30 minutes it took Windows to boot on it).
3) Linux is Open Source (which means bugs and security holes are found and fixed quicker).
4) With Linux, you own your Operating System. With Microsoft Windows, you donโ€™t actually โ€œownโ€ the Operating System, you simply have a license that says you can use it. Every installation of Windows is owned by Microsoft.
5) Linux has better support. This is debatable, but there are a lot of community forums out there, and usually errors in Linux are much more readable than Windows errors, which leads to quicker solutions.
6) Linux has package managers. Most distros come with some form of package manager, a utility that installs safe and secure programs, and then updates them automatically.
7) Linux has daily updates. Most distros release daily updates of core files, as well as updates for programs.
8) Linux has releases every 6 months. Most distros release their next version every 6 months without fail. So instead of waiting an uncertain amount of time for the next Windows release, you know exactly when the next version of your OS will be out.
.. To read all the reasons, click Here.

If any of you Windows people have anything that could possibly have a case against Linux. I ask you to sign up on my forums and post your reasoning.