DJ Kellner… Is alive

Back in 2008, I had posted a tutorial on how to adjusting the crossfader works on the Behringer DX1000. I had messed with VirtualDJ with it but never really got into it. Last new years I was asked to DJ a house party a friend of mine was having. Figured this would be the perfect time to learn more about the DJing profession.

The party was a huge success! Few days following the party my friend and I were talking on MSN and he suggested the idea that I make a 20-30min mix of some dance songs. I said sure but I needed a name. 2 Years ago I got the nick name Bartender Blake because I was behind the bar serving the drinks. So with the help of Google Translator we took Bartender, and it came up with the Kellner is German. That was it, My name was DJ Kellner!

Over the last few weeks I have setup another Blog, Facebook page and Forum. Included in the blog is the podcast! This is where my creative side will be shown.

There you have it. The birth of DJ Kellner.