Crossfader on Behringer DX 1000

Now that I have my computer up and running I have been messing around with a program called Virtual DJ. If your into making your own mixes and DJing then this might be a program you want to check out.

Virtual DJ is really cool and feature packed. One of the features is it lets you set 2 sound cards to be the output for Decks A and B allowing you to use a external mixer as your control for your crossfading and main mix output.

After doing this and playing some songs I noticed that the Crossfader on my DJ board (Behringer DX 1000) was cutting the sound out to soon so by the time the slider had made it to the middle both tracks were at half volume. What I wanted was to have Deck A be on full volume till the slider hit half way and then have the volume decline but all of this happening while Desk B’s volume is coming up.

I remember reading in the instructions that you could adjust the slop and overlap of the crossfader. I figured it would be like two knobs on the back or something but the adjustment is on the main motherboard inside of the case. This sounded like a great excuse to take it apart 😀

After removing all the back screws I came to this.

P1020457 P1020458

Looking closer down need the Crossfader I found the two potentiometers.

P1020459 P1020461

According to the instructions it says not to mess with the overlap but to turn the Slop potentiometers all the way to the right to get what I wanted. (Make sure you check the instructions before doing this to your board) So then after putting all 10 screws back in I hooked the board up and away it went. PERFECT!

That was a fairly simple adjustment and I hope this will help you tune your board to what you want.

I Blake Miller do not take responsibility for damages you might cause to your equipment.