Grade 11, 2nd Smester

Well last Monday we started our second semester at Widdifield. I have a fairly easy semester.
English first period, auto second period, then MSIP third, Online Business course fourth and lastly CO-OP last. So far English and Auto class have been the essayist’s. My Online business course is good now because we just got signed up and loged in.

The Business course is still in Beta testing if you want to call it that. There is about 10 of use that are trying the new e-Learning system they have put in place. This system is shared across the school board. There is a bunch of other schools testing this system as well. In total there is well over 200 students signed up for various courses within the system.

The software they uses is very in depth and very easy to use. The software is called Desire2Learn. It has a very easy to use “Dropbox” system so we can hand in our homework. It also has a cheap version of MSN so when a user is online we can talk to them. It also has a message board that is really setup kinda like e-mail accept every body can see any post and you can see who has replied. We have what is called as a “Locker”. It’s just 5MB of space so we can have access to our homework no mater what computer I am on. This doesn’t really mater because I got my laptop. 😀 Lastly we get a simple e-mail address thats is closed to the system. We can send e-mail to people that are signed up for the e-learning course but we can send any to any out side e-mail addresses.

My next thing to do is arrange a meting again with the principle to discus the state of the wireless access at the school. From what I’v herd there is over 20 points installed but only 5 of them work. 😛 Well thats how my semesters going to go. Sounds like fun aye?