How to Clean your Keyboard… The fast way!

My dad finally toled me to clean the keyboard for the computer. Needles to say there was allot of dust around the keys… and in the keys. I came up with a very good idea to clean all 100 and sum keys.

First I started by popping off all the keys with a screw driver. Simple enough.
Next was taking out all the screws on the back so the top plate, that held all the keys in place, would come off.

Next, I cleaned the plate with water and some paper towels. I then began to clean the actual keys. After about the fifth key I got tired of cleaning the underneath with cu tips. So I filled the laundry tub up with water and through the all the keys in. I sat there with my hand for a wile trying to circulate them around, after about two minutes of that my arm fell asleep. So then I went into the crawly space for some idea. I came out with a pump that my parents use to pump the water in our pond out front. I through in a little orange soap then put the pump in the water, plugged it in and there we have in circulation.

keyboard2.jpg keyboard3.jpg

I left them for about an hour or so then I grabbed a few of them out of the tub and had a look at the under side. Good as new. No gunk build up, it was like the keyboard was brand new. Next I took out the keys and let them dry. Then a reassembled the keyboard.

To sum up. The easy way, is the best way!

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