Ok not the bug spray Raid, the drive configuration RAID. I’m now using RAID 0 (for speed) to handle the My Documents folder and Movies that I have. Setting it up was fairly strait forword. I did alot of reading of my motherboards user manual on how to set it up. I havn’t done any huge video editing yet but I have done some large file transfers and it is much faster then the standered IDE system.

I recommend using two of the exact same drive. Right now I’m running it with a 20G and a 40G but I can only use the max of 20G. But boy is it a fast 20G. Next up on my todo list is cooling. With three hard disk together this thing is heating up very quickly. I think I’m going to need to eather put bigger fans in or figure out another way of spacing the drives out because at this rate, I don’t no how much longer the drives can stand up to the heat.