Second Week

Well a week ago today my last year of high school started. Yes that’s right I have made it to grade 12! So far it’s been a boring week. On Tuesday I spent 2 hours siting in front of student services waiting to get my time table "completed". So basically I went in, they messed around with my second semester, then I left. 10 minute talk, 2 hour wait.

So after the long wait I now have English and Co-op first semester and the OSSLT courses and Co-op again second semester. Very easy last year for me!

Our school computers have been down since the first day of school. We got on them a little wile on Wednesday but the network is still unstable. Last I herd the school board waited till the last week before school started to give us a new server.

Other then that nothing has really changed. Like nothing.


I’m hoping to make some more tutorials shortly. I don’t know what about but I’m sure I can find something! 😀 See ya later!