Winamp LED Visualization

Well I have made myself a 8 LED segment that flashes to the beat of music with Winamp. It’s fairly straight forward. I started with this tutorial.

Here is the parts list

  • 1.5 Volt LED’s (under 30mA)
  • 1 Sided circuit board
  • 1 Male LPT plug
  • 160ohm Resisters

The steps are fairly easy just go through it and you shouldn’t have any problems.
Here are some pictures on the construction of myn.

At first I had lade all the components out onto a bread board where it’s sat there for about a year. Just Yesterday I got the idea of buying a board to stick all the components on. Heres a picture of the before.

Bread Board

This next picture is of all the components soldered onto the board.


Little bit of carpet tape had here it is.