Backtrack 5 MAC Changing

I have been playing with backtrack5 lately and there was one little issue I was starting to get irritated by. When spoofing your MAC address you were required to run all these commands to take the interface down. First is to stop airmon-ng then to take the interface down. The following script is going to do the following:

Note: Before running this script run ifconfig and find the device name for your wifi card. In my case is is wlan0. If your’s is different then change wlan0 to you device name.

  1. Shut down airmon-ng
  2. Shut down interface
  3. Change the MAC to 00:11:22:33:44:55
  4. Start interface
  5. Start airmon-ng
After the script is complete it will print the new MAC.
echo "Shutting down wlan0..."
airmon-ng stop wlan0 > /dev/null
ifconfig wlan0 down > /dev/null
maccchanger --mac 00:11:22:33:44:55 wlan0 > /dev/null
echo "Starting wlan0"
airmon-ng start wlan0 > /dev/null
string=`macchanger -s wlan0`
echo "Changed MAC to: ${string:13}"

If you have any problem, drop me a line at

Mac vs PC

A battle that might never end between Mac and PC users. A battle that is won but no one on the PC side will admit it.

The battle between Mac and PC have been going on for years and years. This history behind Apple and Microsoft has always been to “out do” the other. Microsoft I hate to brake it to you… but you lost.

I recommended my second Mac out to a friend of myna who was getting a laptop to do her writing on. She got it in November and has never had a issue with it. My laptop is a little older but still has some good hardware in it. I run XP Pro hooked to my domain at home. Over the time she has had her nice running Mac, I have formatted my Windows based laptop 10 times. That’s right, 10 times. And not only just the formatting but I don’t think any peace of software has worked correctly on it. Even Miro couldn’t play video back with out horrid lag and being very choppy.

Every since the last format, it’s been acting really weird with the file sync to my home server but today was the day it finally died.

It’s funny because I sit here writing this and reading the slides during the XP Pro install.
“Music and entertainment just got better” This is a great line. I have always had issues playing 340kbps music files.
“Now it’s easier to get help — and to help others!” Yeah it’s easy if grandma can forward the ports through her router.
“The computer will be faster and more reliable” Lets just all take a minute and laugh.
“Get support for the latest hardware and software” It goes on about Direct X 9 after that. Does that mean Miro should have been able to play my shows?
“Surfing the Internet: safe, fast and flexible” If you use Firefox 😛
“Explore your creative side with photos and videos” but they can’t be to big or else explore will crash.
“Windows Movie Maker makes it easy and fun to capture, and edit video” Yeah right. If your trying to make a video slid show of picture, Windows will crash due to buffering issues.

So to sum up. Windows sucks. I’ll let you know how much better it is now that it’s formatted.

Edit: Ok I haven’t even posted this yet and I already have my first issue. USB stick with all my drivers on it won’t come up in My Computer… O look 5th times the charm!