Visual Basic & Vista

I have finally taken the Vista plunge! And I have to say it isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Me and another guy at my co-op placement decided we need to educate our selves for the growing Vista world. Working at a IT place saying “Vista sucks’ didn’t get us very far with customers that liked it. 😛 Anyway’s, I ran the upgrade script and only had 2 applications that didn’t work to well in Vista.

  1. AVG… It didn’t like the upgrade… Had to un-install and re-install it… no bigy
  2. Norton Ghost… I new this one was going to shit badly 😛

Still having a few issues with little things like Miro. Miro will not start at all, even after upgrading Miro. Second thing would be, the Documents, Pictures and Music buttons in the start menu. They just don’t work.

All in all it’s a good OS. The problems I just mentioned is enough to drive me to just do a fresh install. I’m hoping to do this next week.

Next Topic I want to discus is Visual Basic. I downloaded and installed Visual Basic 2005 Express the other day. I have to say that VB is one kick as language. Only took me a day to get the concepts although I’m still going through tutorials and stuff. I’ll post some of my applications later on.

Anyway’s that’s all for now see yall later.