Linux has re-enterd the building!

Well I’m into the Linux thing. A few weeks ago, for some odd reason, Windows “Stopped” working on my laptop. So I got out my Kubuntu Linux CD and started the install. Every thing ran well on the live CD but after I had it installed my Wireless Network card stopped working. After spending three hours going through the Ubuntu Forum I finally figured out that the wireless card didn’t have the power on. So I pushed Fn + F3 and away it went. After wards, I was reading some more on the Centrino Duo processors and found out that your can install a 686 kernel Instead of the regular i386. This allowed Kubuntu to use my second processor. Every thing else worked right out of the box. No fancy tweaks.

A week later and this is what it looks like.


Unfortunately I had to install a few Windows program under Wine. Then I had to install VMware so I could install XP under Linux. The only reason I have it is because of school work. Dam school and there Windows…


So there it is… Linux… IT ROCKS!